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Taking Charge of Bipolar Disorder


At last, a groundbreaking, comprehensive program to help those with Bipolar Disorder – and those who care about the – gain permanent control of their lives.

Most people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder are sent home with the name of a doctor and a bag of medications. However, only 20% of those with the illness are able to gain long-term control over their lives with medication alone. Now Bipolar expert Julie AS. Fast, who was diagnosed aged 31 and specialist John Preston, Psy.D. have developed an effective programme that helps readers promote stability, reduce the risk of suicide, increase work ability and improve relationships. The book guides those with Bipolar Disorder and their loved one towards a comprehensive personal treatment plan by incorporating: medications and supplements; lifestyle changes; behaviour modifications and guidelines on assembling an effective support team. By helping people gather these powerful resources Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder delivers a dynamic programme to treat this dangerous but ultimately manageable illness.


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