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Services and Fees

Individual Counselling

Therapeutic services provided under a Mental Health Care Plan are suited to support the needs of the client on an individual basis.  However, from time to time if requested by the client, and if beneficial to the client, a support person may be able to attend an individual session.  For example, a partner when relationship difficulties are cited, or a parent when an adolescent or child is the client. 

Relationship Counselling

Psychology ONE is able to provide relationship counselling for a set fee.  This fee is not able to be claimed under Medicare however may be able to be claimed under your private health insurance – please check your cover for psychological services. 

Other Services

Please contact us if you are seeking other services or to discuss your individual needs.  We may be able to assist with:

  • Family counselling
  • Goal setting/life coaching
  • Reports for private or government agencies (e.g. Workcover, Centrelink)
  • Play therapy

Fees & Payment

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is the peak body representing Psychologists in Australia. The APS recommended fee for Clinical Psychologists is currently $300 for a 45-60 minute appointment.  We recognise that this fee is not affordable for many people, so we offer a reduced fee arrangement in order to support access to quality psychological care. 

Fees are set depending on your clinician’s experience and your individual circumstances.  For information regarding fees for your clinician, please contact us.  Each session is 55 minutes in duration.  You may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare (see below) if seeking services with a Mental Health Care Plan.  Certain private health insurers provide an allowance for psychological and occupational therapy services – please check your cover.  Psychology One has a policy is that clients should not be disadvantaged from having access to quality psychological therapy.  If the fee or gap (“out-of-pocket”) payment required will unduly impact you, please talk to your clinician.  Fees may be discounted further under some circumstances, such as people with a valid concession card.


In order to claim a rebate from Medicare you will need to make an appointment with your doctor who will conduct an assessment. If you meet the relevant criteria your doctor will be able to complete a Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access Initiative, which can provide a rebate for up to ten (10) psychology sessions within one calendar year.  Some mental health conditions are eligible for rebates for additional sessions.  Please note, as a requirement of claiming a rebate under the Better Access Initiative, a report containing general information about your condition will be provided to your doctor after sessions six and ten with review recommendations.  For services provided by Psychologists who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA), the applicable rebate is $93.35 per session, and for services provided by Clinical Psychologists who are registered with AHPRA, the applicable rebate is $137.05 per session.

Cancellation Policy

Your Psychologist values their time spent with clients and in order to provide a meaningful and professional service, maintains a limit to the amount of scheduled appointments each week.  If, for some reason, you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please provide at least 48 hours notice, by phone or SMS.  This notice is required as a courtesy to the Psychologist and other clients who may be waitlisted for services.  We reserve the option to charge a 50% cancellation fee for appointments that are cancelled within this time period or not attended.  This charge will not be claimable through Medicare.

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