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Sally Clark

Sally completed her studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast, graduating with first-class honours.  She is currently completing a post-grad degree in neuroscience and mental health. Sally has experience working with children, teens, and young adults and has a particular interest in working with individuals with learning differences and intellectual disability. She understands the impact schooling can have on children who struggle within the system and the damage it can do to their sense of self and their well-being. Within her daily practice, it is always her goal to develop and nurture a child’s sense of self and develop their autonomy in addition to reaching their identified goals.

Sally works with children and their families within the clinic, home, and school setting and prefers to address identified areas of need within the environments they occur. She works with families to develop meaningful, relatable, and achievable goals. To develop skills, where possible and applicable, she uses the child’s interests and hobbies and engages in a play-based approach. Sally prefers to work with all invested adults and supports, finding that this brings the best results

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