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Michaella Shand

Michaella is a provisional psychologist, currently working towards general registration. This means Michaella
has completed an undergraduate and honours degree in psychology and practices under supervision of
Sharon Connell, Principal Psychologist of Psychology ONE.
Michaella is available to see children, young people, and adults across the
lifespan. Michaella has a wealth of experience in working with people who identify as LGBTQI+ and with young people. This along with her past counselling experience stands her in good stead to build rapport with clients, encouraging sharing of their
difficulties and life pressures, then devising a collaborative treatment plan that is tailored to the client’s goals,
values, and needs. Michaella’s treatment is informed by evidence-based therapies, such as Cognitive
Behavioural Therapy: Therapeutic tools that ultimately help to challenge maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and actions, increasing coping and resilience.  
Clients gain the benefits of Michaella’s training, underpinned by past experience as a counsellor for young
people and their parents, and supported in psychological practice within supervision. Clients do not need a doctor’s referral to see Michaella, although she will liaise with your GP providing reports back to doctors at 6 and 10 session time points if you have a referral, or with a third-party payer as necessary. Michaella provides services. Clients are not restricted to a traditional Medicare 10-session model and can continue to see Michaella for as long as they wish.

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  • Bach. Social Science (Psych.) Hons.
  • Grad. Dip. (Psych.)
  • Master of Clin. Psych. (in progress)
  • AHPRA Registered
  • Bach. Of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Preferred Therapeutic Approach