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As I write this blog, I am mindful that the previous blog was over a month ago, and I have been struggling to find time, and oh goodness – it is February already!  This seems to be a common thing for people, losing time, especially as we age (it is a proven fact, that time does seem to speed up as we get older!).  With the busy nature of modern life, when work is often a full-time requirement, or parenting (or sole parenting) means constantly being on the go, or attending to others’ needs has become the priority, it can be hard to find some time and space in our day for ourselves.  This month, I am challenging myself to find some time to do the things I really want to do (for me, this is reading a book or going for a walk).  My plan is to find at least 15 minutes in every day to do something for myself which I will really enjoy. 

I invite you to challenge yourself to the same – you might choose different activities, but make sure the activities are just for your enjoyment, whether that be a hobby or spending time with someone you love.  Pick a time when you are more likely to be able to spend 15 minutes of un-interrupted time.  For some, that might mean first thing in the morning, for others perhaps when the children have been tucked into bed.  Even a lunch-break could incorporate 15 minutes of “you time”.  It can’t be too hard to find 15 minutes can it?  Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Plan your 15 minutes – what time, what will you do, is there anything needed (e.g. colouring book and pencils).

Step 2: Prepare for your 15 minutes.

Step 3: Do your 15 minutes.  You might want to turn off your technology in this step, unless of course, your 15 minutes means catching up with someone on the phone or social media. 

That’s it.  There are 29 days in February give or take.  Fifteen minutes a day gives you just over seven hours of quality time for yourself.   Let’s do this!

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Sharon Connell

Sharon Connell

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