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Changing Habits

Psychology ONE New Years Goals

As the year draws to a close and a new one begins, we are often inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions.  The tradition started around 4,000 years ago when the Babylonians would celebrate their New Year by holding a festival to honour their king and make promises to their Gods to pay debts or return […]

Holiday Season Blues

Psychology ONE Love at Christmas

The holiday season evokes images of Christmas trees, eating, drinking, and generally doing enjoyable things. However, for many, it is the most challenging time of year. People with a mental health diagnosis, such as depression, sometimes feel lower at this time of year, people can feel more isolated, and those who have lost loved ones […]

The Practice of Gratitude

Psychology ONE Gratitude

The practice of gratitude might seem a bit like new-age religion.  But there are particular scientific benefits in the practice.  Studies have shown that people who are generally grateful: Have improved mood and stay happier for longer Are better able to build connections and feel closer to family and friends Find it easier to cope […]

Alcohol: Friend or Foe?

Psychology ONE Alcohol Abuse

It is a typical Australian tradition – having a drink with friends. As the countdown to the holiday season commences, alcohol use often increases. There is nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol in moderation, but for some people, alcohol use becomes alcohol abuse. People drink for many reasons; to celebrate, to relax, to be social, or […]

Let’s Talk Communication

Psychology ONE Communication

Communication is one of the most important human behaviours – good communication practice helps us to make friends, build relationships, assert our needs, and navigate conflict, along with many other functions.  Communication is made up of at least two parties – the communicator and the receiver.  In today’s world particularly, with the increase in social […]

Workplace Bullying – Enough is Enough!

Psychology ONE Workplace Bullying

More and more, I hear of workplace bullying and see the effects on the victim. This week, the ABC published an article on workplace bullying (see link below) and therefore it seemed timely to discuss this issue. Statistics are difficult to calculate given that many people have limited reporting options and perhaps continue to put […]

Caregiver Fatigue

Psychology ONE Self Compassion

This week I have been mindful of caregiver fatigue – firstly because I seem to have seen a string of people this week who are burnt out from caring for a loved one, and secondly because, as a therapist, I have to consider my own needs frequently so as not to experience burn out. I […]

The Mind’s Strange Ways

Psychology ONE Thinking Errors

Our minds are amazing, filling our days with up to 70,000 thoughts.  Thoughts can be good or uncomfortable, or in the case of the majority of them, fairly mundane.  Sometimes we get stuck on thoughts, for example, in the case of anxiety when we constantly worry about something concerning.  But in fact, just because we […]

Let’s Talk about Depression

Psychology ONE Depression

Persistent low mood, or the inability to improve mood over a period of time, is referred to as Depression.  People who are depressed often lose interest in activities, including things they used to enjoy, often feeling tired or exhausted.  They may spend long periods of inactivity which may be associated with changes in sleep routine […]

Anxiety: The Inner Voice that Whispers and Roars

Psychology ONE Anxiety

“I am anxiety.  I am whispering to you, can you hear me?  Should you be going out?  Do you see those people looking?  What must they be thinking?  Maybe you should just go home.  I am talking to you, can you hear me?  Why did you choose to wear that?  Everyone else will be dressed […]